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It’s 2022 and I figured this little site could use a guestbook. Want to leave a message? Fill out the form below. Messages are added manually, so it may take a day or two for yours to show up. Markdown is supported.

This guestbook exists just for sillyness; if you have a question or want to report feedback for a particular project, better open an issue at the respective issue tracker or send a mail to projects@yorhel.nl instead.


2022-05-06 - ~

ncdu-1.17: Add ‘dark-bg’ color scheme and use that by default

Never expected to see this backported from ncdu-2, totally disaster to me. What’s wrong with monochrome and my lovely terminal background image? :((

2022-04-17 - ~
I ncdu!
2022-04-13 - Thomas B
first ;)