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It’s 2022 and I figured this little site could use a guestbook. Want to leave a message? Fill out the form below. Messages are added manually, so it may take a day or two for yours to show up. Markdown is supported.

This guestbook exists just for sillyness; if you have a question or want to report feedback for a particular project, better open an issue at the respective issue tracker or send a mail to projects@yorhel.nl instead.


2022-08-18 - Andrey
Zig well, such a choice. Compiling it on gentoo also requires 10GB of ram, which I don’t have.
2022-06-18 - Twelve Kanaw
Thank you for your work on NCDC. It has no competition for running on Raspberry Pi. I’ve used it for years now and never found it lacking in any way. Work like yours is the life blood of free range information space.
2022-05-30 - ~
what a lovely, silly idea to bring back life to the internet guestbook! and thanks for writing and maintaining ncdc!
2022-05-06 - ~

ncdu-1.17: Add ‘dark-bg’ color scheme and use that by default

Never expected to see this backported from ncdu-2, totally disaster to me. What’s wrong with monochrome and my lovely terminal background image? :((

2022-04-17 - ~
I ncdu!
2022-04-13 - Thomas B
first ;)