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NCurses Disk Usage

Ncdu is a disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface. It is designed to find space hogs on a remote server where you don’t have an entire graphical setup available, but it is a useful tool even on regular desktop systems. Ncdu aims to be fast, simple and easy to use, and should be able to run in any minimal POSIX-like environment with ncurses installed.

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Static binaries
Convenient static binaries for Linux. Download, extract and run; no compilation or installation necessary: File: ncdu-2.3-linux-x86.tar.gz
Size: 308.4 KiB (315.771 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-2.3-linux-x86.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 244078ca630134428c6a0e658b414fa1
SHA1: 7406f4a47d64591f1ced1e0551dd413265febe8d
SHA-256: 2bdd2d6e66d72b8b25bd33728d666bf6e5f58630c5bdf258663bad0221322e47
- File: ncdu-2.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
Size: 286.4 KiB (293.280 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-2.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz.asc
MD5: e3fced5eccd175a4fc7271893d8c70f5
SHA1: 07f70e26dfcf7e38af258b512e91261d484603f7
SHA-256: 9dcdd0efb5e77e5d2bdce178615b8f979f91aa663e8209c5abdbe0b25bf638e8
- File: ncdu-2.3-linux-arm.tar.gz
Size: 274.6 KiB (281.221 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-2.3-linux-arm.tar.gz.asc
MD5: ef778e47761d07eb5469d50cbfeaf3dd
SHA1: 3e2a98749e6d2e95c325e9f1e39bf1972c59dc76
SHA-256: 429e606caf5174a7e5d9dfa78656a96c8cc800870d53bd67d01a5d7bd0c54375
- File: ncdu-2.3-linux-aarch64.tar.gz
Size: 279.3 KiB (286.044 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-2.3-linux-aarch64.tar.gz.asc
MD5: dbc124a58300a923a91ba3032e99a8e4
SHA1: 83ca64d5494c2733ecca4989fb6327ce74c8813b
SHA-256: 740cd8c0b1160ea2334c10959143a68d5e866f219d48a968d351e053222f46e9
Zig version (stable)

2.3 (File: ncdu-2.3.tar.gz
Size: 55.3 KiB (56.608 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-2.3.tar.gz.asc
MD5: a74a52cefbe7743fcb734fdafaeaaba5
SHA1: 326e2cfb41022ba0de5f0462ec8f78ab20da3e9f
SHA-256: bbce1d1c70f1247671be4ea2135d8c52cd29a708af5ed62cecda7dc6a8000a3c
- changes - requires Zig 0.11)

See the beta release announcement for information about the motivation for the rewrite and some of the differences with the C version.

Note that the Zig language and compiler are still very much unstable. This version of ncdu will only work with the version of the Zig compiler noted above. Use the ncdu 1.x branch if this does not work for you or if you need a more stable compilation environment.

C version (LTS)

1.19 (File: ncdu-1.19.tar.gz
Size: 156.2 KiB (159.917 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-1.19.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 7986451d5b222b8a99b5382f33a30831
SHA1: 3ee7aff60bdaa1c79eb4f27e3d277fc2d76e0043
SHA-256: 30363019180cde0752c7fb006c12e154920412f4e1b5dc3090654698496bb17d
- changes)

Lags a bit behind on the 2.x version in terms of features and performance, but is still being maintained and perfectly usable.

Development version
The most recent code is available on a git repository and can be cloned with git clone git:// The repository is also available for online browsing (and through cgit if you prefer that). The ‘master’ branch represents the C version, the Zig version can be found in the ‘zig’ branch.

Packages and ports

Ncdu has been packaged for quite a few systems, here’s a list of the ones I am aware of:

AIX - Alpine Linux - ALT Linux - Arch Linux - CRUX - Cygwin - Debian - Fedora - FreeBSD - Frugalware - Gentoo - GNU Guix - NixOS - OpenBSD - OpenWRT - MacOS (Fink - Homebrew - MacPorts) - Puppy Linux - Solaris - Slackware - Slax Linux - Ubuntu - Void Linux

Packages for RHEL and (open)SUSE can be found on the Open Build Service.

Packages for NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, MirBSD and others can be found on pkgsrc.

A port to z/OS is available here.

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