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NCurses Direct Connect

Ncdc is a lightweight direct connect client with a friendly ncurses interface.

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Latest version

1.22.1 (File: ncdc-1.22.1.tar.gz
Size: 362.9 KiB (371.572 bytes)
PGP: ncdc-1.22.1.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 70bce3788a394d7eb3ec7f7726e69660
SHA1: 0acfc3898491042f89b17949ecee92229ac5ef36
SHA-256: d15fd378aa345f423e59a38691c668f69b516cd4b8afbbcdc446007740c3afad
- changes)

Convenient static binaries for Linux: File: ncdc-linux-x86_64-1.22.1-1-g7b4bd.tar.gz
Size: 2.5 MiB (2.646.664 bytes)
PGP: ncdc-linux-x86_64-1.22.1-1-g7b4bd.tar.gz.asc
MD5: a401b960221bad7f7b344fe7fa6f024d
SHA1: a1465164cd9428701e175f4322cc06dca6f936af
SHA-256: 9b75416b19c2528f3c31586067a54484b1caa1529d98ace9e9d229ffd8eef33a
- File: ncdc-linux-i486-1.22.1-1-g7b4bd.tar.gz
Size: 2.6 MiB (2.724.306 bytes)
PGP: ncdc-linux-i486-1.22.1-1-g7b4bd.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 27a4b5c7a81d2a4ebd70d4557d58e878
SHA1: b4e6df5251aa9cd5749204427e87f7b70c97f6b4
SHA-256: 5bdbb465332f87f463f70cf22be438d14a91abfb31d5b1088f69c628337f48c2
- File: ncdc-linux-arm-1.22.1-1-g7b4bd.tar.gz
Size: 2.3 MiB (2.439.017 bytes)
PGP: ncdc-linux-arm-1.22.1-1-g7b4bd.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 2656a6b696ab3cabcb9829170b647bfd
SHA1: d913b854faaebde94908f1bb96c6c6e412c36926
SHA-256: 2eeb4ccbb7b6f050c6ebb79528843f3fbc9967ea126194bb306ece266fd99a46
- File: ncdc-linux-aarch64-1.22.1-2-g64322.tar.gz
Size: 2.5 MiB (2.636.342 bytes)
PGP: ncdc-linux-aarch64-1.22.1-2-g64322.tar.gz.asc
MD5: e373b2adcc44964dfe8c392fcbe513ad
SHA1: 7304deba6cf282c2f9ad8932a22af7d75bdd970b
SHA-256: 849f40287b2137740f3c0e182eb32021e23fd705930c76b7dfe06956a1009c0d
. Check the installation instructions for more info.

Development version
The latest development version is available from git and can be cloned using git clone git://g.blicky.net/ncdc.git. The repository is available for online browsing.

The following libraries are required: ncurses, zlib, bzip2, sqlite3, glib2 and gnutls.

Ncdc is entirely written in C and available under a liberal MIT license.

  • Bug tracker - For bugs reports, feature requests and patches.
  • adcs://dc.blicky.net:2780/ - For real-time chat.
Packages and ports

Are available for the following systems: Arch Linux - Debian - Fedora - FreeBSD - Frugalware - GNU Guix - Gentoo - Homebrew - OpenSUSE - Source Mage - Ubuntu - Void Linux.

A convenient installer is available for Android as well.


Common features all non-ancient DC clients (should) have:

And special features not commonly found in other clients:

What doesn’t ncdc do?

Since the above list is getting larger and larger every time, it may be more interesting to list a few features that are (relatively) common in other DC clients, but which ncdc doesn’t do. Yet.

Of course, there are many more features that could be implemented or improved. These will all be addressed in later versions (hopefully :).