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Cute decorative scissors, cutting through your code.

Yorhel's Projects

Hello visitor!

Welcome to this little website. My name is Yorhel a.k.a. Yoran Heling a.k.a. Ayo. I spend a fair amount of my free time developing and contributing to free and open source software. This website is home to several of these projects.

This site isn't really a complete portfolio. There's a bunch of projects for which I never got around to creating a homepage, and some others that have an entire website of their own. A slightly more complete list can be found on my cgit instance, but that isn't entirely comprehensive, either.

I hope that you will find something useful among the selection of software or the incidental article on this site. Enjoy your stay!

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2021-07-22 - ncdu 2.0-beta1 released
This marks the initial beta version of a complete rewrite of ncdu, written in Zig. This version significantly reduces memory usage and improves hard link counting. Full release announcement - Ncdu homepage.
2021-07-02 - ncdu 1.16 released
A minor feature & bugfix release. This adds dynamic sizing of the file size bar, an $NCDU_LEVEL environment variable when spawning a subshell, more file mode flags and allows for a few future extensions to the JSON dump format. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.
2020-10-22 - nginx-confgen 2.0 released
Completely rewritten in C for easier, more portable and more lightweight builds. Variables are now globally scoped, pre_if supports braces, improved error reporting and a whole bunch of other improvements. Homepage - Changelog.
2020-06-10 - ncdu 1.15.1 released
Fixes two bugs introduced in 1.15: Fix building on older Linux systems and revert to the old follow-firmlinks-by-default behavior on macOS. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.
2020-05-30 - ncdu 1.15 released
This release adds support for excluding Linux pseudo filesystems (--exclude-kernfs), detects and skips MacOS firmlinks by default (old behavior is available through --follow-firmlinks) and fixes a few bugs. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.
2020-02-10 - ncdu 1.14.2 released
Another minor bugfix release. This fixed compilation on GCC 10, reduces memory usage for hardlink detection a little bit and fixes a minor display issue when scanning more than 10 million files. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.
2019-08-13 - New article: From SQL to Nested Data Structures
How to easily fetch complex nested data structures from a normalized relational database. Read more.
2019-08-05 - ncdu 1.14.1 released
A minor bugfix release. This fixes the --exclude-caches option, intermittend early exit on OS X and improves handling of out-of-memory scenarios. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.
2019-07-06 - TUWF 1.3.1 & 1.4 released
Just fixes a minor issue with the tests on older Perls. Homepage - Changelog
2019-06-17 - TUWF 1.3 released
This release introduces a new and much more flexible data validation module to replace the old kv_validate(). Validation schemas defined this way can also be used for JSON coercion, HTML5 validation pattern generation and code generation for Elm - but those features are all still somewhat experimental and undocumented. Additionally there's now an option to have outgoing emails written to the log file instead of actually sending them, which is useful when debugging. Homepage - Changelog
2019-06-03 - ncdc 1.22.1 released
This release fixes a segfault that may happen when connecting with other ADC clients. This bug was introduced in 1.22. Additionally, static binaries are now available for AArch64. Homepage - Changelog.
2019-05-14 - New article: Fast Key Lookup with a Small Read-Only Database
How to quickly check if a password is in a large (but nicely compressed) dictionary. Some code and a few benchmarks. Read more.
2019-04-30 - ncdc 1.22 released
There has been a little bit of renewed interest since the 1.21 release, so we have a few (small) new features and improvements. It's now possible to browse someone's file list directly from the connections tab, there's support for multiple upload slots per user and support for ALPN on TLS hubs. Homepage - Changelog.
2019-03-26 - ncdc 1.21 released
A long-overdue release of ncdc with some improvements that have been sitting idle in the git repository for far too long. This release adds support for libmaxminddb, free slot broadcasting, skipping downloading files you already have and indicating shared/queued files in the search window and file browser. Homepage - Changelog.
2019-03-23 - Bug tracker migration to Gitea

The bug trackers that used to be embedded in this website have now been migrated to Gitea issues. The bug trackers of the following projects can now be found at these new locations:

2019-02-04 - ncdu 1.14 released
This release adds mtime display & sorting, a limited form of --follow-symlinks, can display larger file counts in the file browser and fixes a few bugs you weren't likely to trigger anyway. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.
2018-02-23 - nginx-confgen 1.2 released
This release significantly improves the parser to accept more syntax and fixes string quoting, variable formatting and escape sequences. Homepage - Changelog.
2018-02-18 - TUWF 1.2 released
This release includes a large number of API additions to improve ergonomics and adds support for a build-in web server, JSON requests/responses and a whole lot more. Homepage - Changelog.
2018-01-29 - ncdu 1.13 released
This release adds color support and an extended information mode, keeping track of file mode, ownership and modification times. Also fixes a few bugs. Ncdu homepage - Changelog.