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NCurses Disk Usage

Ncdu is a disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface. It is designed to find space hogs on a remote server where you don't have an entire graphical setup available, but it is a useful tool even on regular desktop systems. Ncdu aims to be fast, simple and easy to use, and should be able to run in any minimal POSIX-like environment with ncurses installed.


Latest version

1.15.1 (File: ncdu-1.15.1.tar.gz
Size: 144.8 KiB (148.242 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-1.15.1.tar.gz.asc
MD5: af25aa8462a6f29c8a0c4d3d83d186e7
SHA1: 1d88eb2b29bfb559ac75109616bba53e48d4d083
SHA-256: b02ddc4dbf1db139cc6fbbe2f54a282770380f0ca5c17089855eab52a9ea3fb0
- changes)

I also have convenient static binaries for Linux File: ncdu-linux-i486-1.15.1.tar.gz
Size: 180.1 KiB (184.442 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-i486-1.15.1.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 12683e36f56f8aabddf1e45455f2dead
SHA1: 95b7cb77baf7c95832c55607ab39a2d460f0c852
SHA-256: e4cdb121baacccc6786509cb0822e3d7691d55e0805ada8bbc47fdaa49235538
, File: ncdu-linux-x86_64-1.15.1.tar.gz
Size: 181.7 KiB (186.030 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-x86_64-1.15.1.tar.gz.asc
MD5: e7635f01e5020d3f4595b19833984e0a
SHA1: 11c6f08e6d89255c2789ce323c899d7661bfb1b3
SHA-256: c489e980b40018d008bf55453ca04a5e2b342cfac7a7c93e3a1bd35a9924d60d
, File: ncdu-linux-arm-1.15.1.tar.gz
Size: 165.3 KiB (169.274 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-arm-1.15.1.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 2efb757da44f8e0679b06abe393b2846
SHA1: 7ba353777ae0145f3e0ba42b5be83b8d1928cca1
SHA-256: d8aa4825cb94fb9b4643d9fdc3b9425826065e43b3fda05e5142ab611b4cc465
and File: ncdu-linux-aarch64-1.15.1.tar.gz
Size: 186.5 KiB (190.928 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-aarch64-1.15.1.tar.gz.asc
MD5: ef98fd26b8279da6610cea8cf96d6779
SHA1: 134eb7ecbf2ac0e8b629f91095405ee82381a375
SHA-256: 307d79483107e53c6e8b7fa13a45e4db2f08fedbcaa1d332da686414a31bd179
. Download, extract and run; no compilation or installation necessary (uses musl).

Project status
Maintenance mode: I consider ncdu to be mostly complete. I'm still here to keep it alive and to fix issues as they come along, but I don't actively work on adding new features. Bug reports are still very welcome. Feature requests are welcome too, but don't expect much from that. Patches and pull requests for new features will likely end up getting ignored.
Development version
The most recent code is available on a git repository and can be cloned with git clone git://g.blicky.net/ncdu.git/. The repository is also available for online browsing.

Ncdu is entirely written in C and available under a liberal MIT license.

Packages and ports

Ncdu has been packaged for quite a few systems, here's a list of the ones I am aware of:

AIX - Alpine Linux - ALT Linux - Arch Linux - CRUX - Cygwin - Debian - Fedora - FreeBSD - Frugalware - Gentoo - GNU Guix - NixOS - OpenBSD - OpenWRT - MacOS (Fink - Homebrew - MacPorts) - Puppy Linux - Solaris - Slackware - Slax Linux - Ubuntu - Void Linux

Packages for RHEL and (open)SUSE can be found on the Open Build Service.

Packages for NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, MirBSD and others can be found on pkgsrc.

A port to z/OS is available here.

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