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NCurses Disk Usage

Ncdu is a disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface. It is designed to find space hogs on a remote server where you don't have an entire graphical setup available, but it is a useful tool even on regular desktop systems. Ncdu aims to be fast, simple and easy to use, and should be able to run in any minimal POSIX-like environment with ncurses installed.


Latest version

1.15 (File: ncdu-1.15.tar.gz
Size: 144.5 KiB (147.989 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-1.15.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 9f01023c43cd66588da7690f69201052
SHA1: 888f132a25d80738ef73fc33a9058b745360a606
SHA-256: 4a593dc5cceb2492a9669f5f5d69d0e517de457a11036788ea4591f33c5297fb
- changes)

I also have convenient static binaries for Linux File: ncdu-linux-i486-1.15.tar.gz
Size: 180.1 KiB (184.431 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-i486-1.15.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 9301a34e38fe3cfce8ffacd2dc523b62
SHA1: 34a2c64affe33678c7520bbb9a8e79000efa2066
SHA-256: 8547206d7f710e8329aff7bd58fdb8bc677b7c229e58f27756c16d7ece1935b2
, File: ncdu-linux-x86_64-1.15.tar.gz
Size: 181.7 KiB (186.054 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-x86_64-1.15.tar.gz.asc
MD5: d23fbeef750b5ed831dcbbf5ed5d6cb0
SHA1: 73612c4dbb28325d9ac111073330d473bcf2f99b
SHA-256: 01e3f99cf092368576cdb033831abad8b4bd0404406f826eaaa166baef627f28
, File: ncdu-linux-arm-1.15.tar.gz
Size: 165.3 KiB (169.275 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-arm-1.15.tar.gz.asc
MD5: 9d69b476e7e0981797caff03908a9db9
SHA1: a74d34608016936b3d34f9975e15a028375c4c03
SHA-256: 029b852f722cc7edf1b541725618661074d0dabc8771f3cb5ee1494f4e588ea1
and File: ncdu-linux-aarch64-1.15.tar.gz
Size: 186.4 KiB (190.920 bytes)
PGP: ncdu-linux-aarch64-1.15.tar.gz.asc
MD5: b03944da438213bf0eabdcf1f93e5643
SHA1: 4803b49348709f790067f46557ff1abc43f832a6
SHA-256: d15d413b41d3e6a651d63313543d2b48ce59bb8bc03241770d7a41f1835b2dbc
. Download, extract and run; no compilation or installation necessary (uses musl).

MacOS users: Version 1.15 tends to skip some directories, you can use --follow-firmlinks as a workaround, see bug #153. Patches welcome, I don't have a macOS system to test on.

Development version
The most recent code is available on a git repository and can be cloned with git clone git://g.blicky.net/ncdu.git/. The repository is also available for online browsing.

Ncdu is entirely written in C and available under a liberal MIT license.

Packages and ports

Ncdu has been packaged for quite a few systems, here's a list of the ones I am aware of:

AIX - Alpine Linux - ALT Linux - Arch Linux - CRUX - Cygwin - Debian - Fedora - FreeBSD - Frugalware - Gentoo - GNU Guix - NixOS - OpenBSD - Mac OS X (Fink - Homebrew - MacPorts) - Puppy Linux - Solaris - Slackware - Slax Linux - Ubuntu - Void Linux

Packages for RHEL and (open)SUSE can be found on the Open Build Service.

Packages for NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, MirBSD and others can be found on pkgsrc.

A port to z/OS is available here.

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