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Cute decorative scissors, cutting through your code.


SQLBin is a minimalistic web application that lets you query a PostgreSQL database and save and share the queries with others. It’s something of a mix between a pastebin and a database querying tool.



Linux. Other OSes may also work if you don’t enable gnuplot support or disable the seccomp patch, but I can’t really recommend that.
Latest release
There’s no numbered releases or static binaries yet, get in touch if this interests you.
Development version
The most recent code is available on a git repository.

Similar projects

SQLBin is heavily inspired by SQLPad. My main motivation for writing SQLBin was to provide a less heavyweight alternative with an improved query browser and better intergration with PostgreSQL.

There’s a whole list of alternative database querying tools over here.

  1. Or, well, two binaries if you include the custom build of gnuplot.↩︎

  2. JavaScript is only used for optional syntax highlighting.↩︎