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Torreas Manual


torreas - Torrent file reassembler


torreas [--verbose] [--silent] [--copy-sh | --symlink-sh | --hardlink-sh] torrent-file directory ...


torreas scans directories in order to find files that belong to a given torrent. Files are matched based on size and checksum rather than location or name, so this tool can be used to reliably reassemble a torrent for (re-)seeding after the files have been incorporated in a local archive.



Display short help text.


Display program version.


Output debug logging.


Disable warnings and progress information.


Keep going even if some files mentioned in the torrent are missing. This option usually causes files that are present to still be reported as missing, because the missing files make it impossible to validate all checksums.


Ouput a shell script to reconstruct the torrent in the current directory. This is the default output mode. While you could directly pipe output from torreas to a shell, it's often a better idea to inspect the script so you can verify which files are being copied.

If multiple source files have been found to satisfy a file in the torrent, only the first match is copied. The remaining candidates still have a line in the script, but these are commented out.


Like --copy-sh except output commands to create symlinks.


Like --copy-sh except output commands to create hard links.


The torreas utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


Padding files in torrents are not currently supported.

Because checksums in torrents can span multiple files, it may not always be feasible to reassemble a torrent in a sensible time frame. Future versions of this tool may implement better matching heuristics and/or user feedback to help speed up such cases.


mktorrent(1), transmission-create(1), transmission-show(1)


Written by Yorhel <>