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The globsterctl(1) Man Page


globsterctl - Low-level CLI for Globster


globsterctl [--session|--system] <command> [options]


globsterctl is a small program to send control commands to the Globster daemon or to query information about its current state. It provides a relatively low-level interface to Globster, and is intended to be used from (shell) scripts, cron jobs and from the command line to provide simple manual control and debugging facilities.

If the --system argument is given, globsterctl will try to communicate with the Globster daemon over the system bus. Otherwise, the session bus will be used. When working on a desktop machine without a session bus (these are rare...) or on a headless server, make sure to have the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment variable set to point to the bus that the daemon uses. See dbus-daemon(1) for more information.


Many globsterctl commands map directly to the respective method(s) in the Globster API, so familiarity with the API will be helpful.


Print out the version string of the daemon.

get <property>

Print the value of a property of the /net/blicky/Globster object. E.g.

globsterctl get TigerCID
set <property> <newval>

Change the value of a property of the /net/blicky/Globster object.


Print a list of hub objects and the address they are connected to.

hubinfo <hubid>

Print information about a particular hub and its associated configuration.

hubget <hubid> <property>

Print the value of a property of a /net/blicky/Globster/$id object.

hubset <hubid> <property> <newval>

A combination of set and hubget. I'm sure you can guess what it does.

hubcreate [<address>]

Create a new hub object. If an address is given as argument, the Connect() method will be called as well.

hubdelete <hubid>

Delete a hub object.

connect <hubid> [<address>]

Connect to a hub.

disconnect [--force] <hubid>

The opposite of connect.

userlist <hubid>

Display the user list (ID + name + tag) of the hub. "offline" users are not displayed.

userinfo <hubid> <userid>

Print detailed information of a particular user on a particular hub.

chat <hubid> <message>

Send a chat message to the main chat of a hub. If the message starts with /me, then the message is sent in first person.

pm <hubid> <userid> <message>

Similar to chat, but send the message to a particular user/group.


Request the Globster daemon to shut down.


globsterctl hubcreate

# Assuming the new hub id is '1'.
globsterctl hubset 1 MyNick ImAGlobster
globsterctl hubset 1 MyDescription 'Globster is awesome!'
globsterctl connect 1 adcs://dc.blicky.net:2780/

# Wait for a bit until we've logged in...
sleep 5

globsterctl chat 1 'Great, so how do I download files?'


globster(1), globster-api(7), dbus-send(1), dbus-daemon(1).

The Globster homepage can be found at http://dev.yorhel.nl/globster.