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The globster(1) Man Page


globster - The Globster Direct Connect Client Daemon


globster [options]


Globster is a client for the Direct Connect network. The globster program is the core daemon, which connects to a D-Bus bus over which you can control it. The globsterctl(1) command-line script is available for low-level control, and the D-Bus API is documented in globster-api(7).


-V, --version

Print version information and exit.

-h, --help

Print a short help message and exit.


Connect to the system D-Bus.


Connect to the session D-Bus (default).


Don't fork to the background.

-l, --log-file file

Write the logs to the specified file. The special values stdout, stderr and syslog can be used to log to standard output, standard error or to the syslog daemon, respectively. Default: <session-directory>/logs/main.log.

--log-level level

The log level. Can be set separately for each source file and supports wildcard matching. For example hub/*:3,*:2 sets the log level for all hub-related source files to 3 and all other files to 2. The levels are as follows.

1  Errors only
2  Errors + warnings
3  As 2 plus informational messages
4  As 3 plus debugging messages
5  As 4 plus detailed traces

Defaults to *:2, that is, errors and warnings in all source files are logged. The log level can be changed at run time through the D-Bus API.

-c, --session-directory path

Use the given path as session/database directory. If this argument is not given, it defaults to $GLOBSTER_DIR if that is set, $HOME/.globster otherwise.


Don't automatically connect to hubs that have their 'AutoConnect' property set.


globsterctl(1), globster-launch(1), globster-api(7).

The Globster homepage can be found at http://dev.yorhel.nl/globster.