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The globster-launch(1) Man Page


globster-launch - Start the globster daemon with a separate D-Bus bus


globster-launch [options]


globster-launch is a wrapper script around globster(1) and dbus-daemon(1). It starts a new D-Bus daemon with a custom configuration and then runs the globster daemon. By default, globster-launch will print out instructions on how to connect to the newly started globster daemon. Log messages from globster are printed on standard error.

globster-launch can not currently daemonize yet, it will stay running on the foreground.

IMPORTANT: The D-Bus daemon is started with a configuration that allows any process and user capable of connecting to the configured UNIX socket or TCP port to connect and interact with Globster. This is convenient when processes from other users (cron jobs, whatever) wish to interact with the daemon, but may also cause unwanted users from taking over control of your Globster daemon! When using UNIX sockets (default), make sure to correctly set the permissions with chmod(1) and chown(1). When using TCP, make sure to use a firewall that disallows connections from unwanted users in your network!


The options recognized by globster-launch are listed below. Any unrecognized options are passed through to globster(1) unmodified.

--path path

Specify a UNIX path to listen on. Defaults to /tmp/dbus-globster.

--tcp address

Specify a TCP host:port to listen on. This allows you to interact with globster over the network, but beware of the security considerations mentioned above!


Don't print instructions. Note that if globster is configured to print its log to standard I/O (e.g. with -l stdout), then its log is still printed on standard I/O regardless of this option.


Just print the D-Bus address on standard output instead of the instructions. As with --quiet, this does not suppress log output.


globster(1), dbus-daemon(1).

The Globster homepage can be found at http://dev.yorhel.nl/globster.