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Cute decorative scissors, cutting through your code.

2016-08-16 - is a quick little script to provide an overview of the disk space used by btrfs subvolumes. It’s comparable to, but is somewhat faster and has a few options to sort the output.

Honestly, it’s still hard to draw any conclusions from the sizes provided by btrfs, but sadly, ncdu is useless for snapshot-heavy filesystems.

Only tested with btrfs-progs v4.4.1.

Download: (syntax-highligted version).

Usage --help [-nser] <path>
  -n  Order by path name
  -s  Order by (total) subvolume size
  -e  Order by exclusive subvolume size
  -r  Reverse order

Example output

# /data
gfbf007/cur                               46.32 GiB   16.00 KiB
gfbf007/snap/2016-08-14.08                46.32 GiB  428.00 KiB
gfbf007/snap/2016-08-15.03                46.32 GiB  428.00 KiB
gfbf007/snap/2016-08-16.03                46.32 GiB   16.00 KiB
ggit011/cur                               23.92 MiB   16.00 KiB
ggit011/snap/2016-08-14.08                23.90 MiB  300.00 KiB
ggit011/snap/2016-08-15.08                23.92 MiB   16.00 KiB
gman015/cur                                3.74 GiB   16.00 KiB
gman015/snap/2016-08-14.08                 3.74 GiB  112.00 KiB
gman015/snap/2016-08-15.02                 3.74 GiB   96.00 KiB
gman015/snap/2016-08-16.02                 3.74 GiB   16.00 KiB