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I write a lot of miscellaneous little perl/shell scripts and micro-libraries for the purpose of getting something done. This page is a listing of those I thought might be of useful to others as well.

I also maintain a collection of miscellaneous C micro-libraries. Those are listed under the collective name of Ylib.




October 2012. A tiny weechat plugin to display the number of unread emails in a local Maildir. Latest source (1.0).


December 2011. Playing around with the Go programming language, I wrote another transfer log parser and statistics generator for ncdc. Example output.

Download: 0.3 (0.2, 0.1).


September 2011. ncdc gained transfer logging features, and I wrote a quick Perl script to fetch some simple statistics from it. source (0.2, 0.1).


December 2010. I was writing a client for the public VNDB API in OCaml and needed a JSON parser/generator. Since I wasn’t happy with the currently available solutions - they try to do too many things and have too many dependencies - I decided to write a minimal JSON library myself. source


November 2009. The public VNDB API was designed to be easy to use even from low level languages. I wrote this simple program to see how much work it would be to use the API in C, and as example code for anyone wishing to use the API for something more useful. Read the comments for more info. source

Microdc2 log file parser

June 2007. Simple perl script that parses log files created by microdc2 and outputs a simple and ugly html file with all uploaded files. It correctly merges chunked uploads, calculates average upload speed per file and total bandwidth used for uploads. source

Note: for those of you who still use microdc2, please have a look at ncdc, a less ancient alternative.


Feburary 2006. Yet Another Pong, and yet another program written just for testing/ learning purposes. Tested to work with the ncurses or pdcurses libraries. source (older version).


February 2006. A simple non-blocking single-threaded TCP echo server, displaying how the select() system call can be used to handle multiple connections. source


January 2006. Simple BBCode to HTML converter written in plain C, for learning puroses. source