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Cute decorative scissors, cutting through your code.


I don't often write stuff. Certainly not enough to warrant a blog. But sometimes I do feel the need to write down my thoughts. The results of those rare occasions are published on this page.

Articles That May As Well Be Considered Blog Posts

2019-08-13 - From SQL to Nested Data Structures
How to easily fetch complex nested data structures from a normalized relational database.
2019-05-14 - Fast Key Lookup with a Small Read-Only Database
How to quickly check if a password is in a large (but nicely compressed) dictionary.
2017-05-28 - An Opinionated Survey of Functional Web Development
The title says it all.
2014-07-29 - The Sorry State of Convenient IPC
A long rant about IPC systems.
2014-01-09 - Some Measurements on Direct Connect File Lists
A short measurement study on the file lists obtained from a Direct Connect hub. Lots of graphs!
2012-02-15 - A Distributed Communication System for Modular Applications
In this article I explain a vision of mine, and the results of a small research project aimed at realizing that vision.
2011-11-26 - Multi-threaded Access to an SQLite3 Database
So you have a single database and some threads. How do you combine these in a program?

Longer Reports

2014-06-10 - Biased Random Periodic Switching in Direct Connect (PDF)
My masters thesis.
2013-04-05 - Peer Selection in Direct Connect (PDF)
The rather long-ish literature study that precluded my masters thesis.
2010-06-02 - Design and implementation of a compressed linked list library (PDF)
The report for the final project of my professional (HBO) bachelor of Electrical Engineering. I was very liberal with some terminology in this report. For example, "linked lists" aren't what you think they are, and I didn't even use the term "locality of reference" where I really should have. It was also written for an audience with little knowledge on the subject, so I elaborated on a lot of things that should be obvious for most people in the field. Then there is a lot of uninteresting overhead about the project itself, which just happened to be mandatory for this report. Nonetheless, if you can ignore these faults it's not such a bad read, if I may say so myself. :-)