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Yes, I realise that the title is plural, suggesting there’s more than one demo. That is not quite true, unfortunately. The reason I chose to use plural form is simply in the hopes that I do, in fact, write more demos, and that this page will actually get more content in the future. I still happen to be a huge fan of the demoscene, and still wish to contribute to it… if only I could find the time and self-discipline to do so. In the meanwhile, here’s one demo I did write some time ago.

(2019 update: Don’t get your hopes up, I likely won’t ever write another demo. I don’t have the patience for it, I guess.)

Blue Cubes

Blue Cubes. August 2006. My first demo - or more exact: intro. Blue Cubes is a 64kB intro written in OpenGL/SDL with Linux as target OS. I wrote this intro within 10 days without any prior experience in any of the fields of computer generated graphics or music. So needlessly to say, it sucks. I am ashamed even of the thought of releasing it at a respectable demoparty like Evoke. Still, it didn’t feel I was unwelcome, I did actually receive three prices: 3rd price in the 64k competition (there were only 3 actual entries, but oh well), best non-windows 64k intro (it was the only one in the competition), and the Digitale Kultur newcomer award, which actually is something to be proud of, I guess.

download - mirror (includes linux binaries, windows port, and sources) - pouet comments.